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It’s Almost July … ALREADY? Featured

It’s Almost July … ALREADY?

My goodness! How time flies when you’re having fun! 2015 has been good to us thus far, and that’s why I haven’t written a new blog! It’s been way too long since I’ve shared an update here, so there’s a lot to catch up on … Here we go …

First off, I’d like to let you all know that we are still diligently working on material and funding for our third album.  We’ve got at least 8 songs that are ready to be recorded, and are always working on more.  If you’ve been to a show in 2015, you’ve heard most of them.  We’re very excited about the new music we’re playing and we hope you are too! As of this moment, it looks like we’ll be able to release the album in the first part of 2016, assuming that all goes well.  I’ll keep sharing updates as the news comes in.

 I’d also like to make note of the two new band members we’ve added recently.  They’re certainly doing a great job and The Professor and I are proud to share the stage with such talented musicians.  When ya get out to hear us live, make sure you welcome Curtis Nutall, our new drummer, and Joe Connors on guitar, to the LMB family. 

We are taking some vacation and personal time for the months of July and August this year. Yes … even though we love what we do, musicians need vacations too! The first part of 2015 has been great, but we’re taking some time to be with our families, work on new songs for the album, and just plain relax.  Don’t worry though! We’ll be back in September in a BIG WAY!  We’re playing at the John Coltrane Jazz and Blues Festival on September 5th and we can’t wait!

That’s it for now, but it’s enough.  Please keep checking back here for updates, and most importantly, keep on BELEIVING!!  

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