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    Hi Believers! I have to tell you all that I have been truly humbled and overwhelmed by the response to the new album.  We are so blessed to be able to share it with you! We have also been inundated with requests from fans and friends to host a CD Release Party in Sarasota .... and so we will!

    I am excited to announce that we've decided to have ONE MORE CD RELEASE PARTY at our "home base" club, Ocean Blues! This is going to be a very special event and will require tickets.  This evening will be even more special due to a wonderful partnership with our friends and sponsors at Where Will We Go Tonight.com, the Bay Area's best live music connection.  You can call Ocean Blues for ticket information at (941) 366-3010.  Please don't wait to purchase your tickets, as we sold out our show at The Palladium and turned

    several fans away at the door.  We don't want that to happen to YOU!  Thank you again for all your support and we'll see ya on FEBRUARY 22nd, at Ocean Blues!

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