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    I've recently been asked by a few people to talk about the new album.  It seems everyone wants to know the story behind our decision to record a live performance instead of going back into the studio. So I'll let you in on some of the thought process ... We knew it was  time to release another album and even though we've been working hard on writing some new original material for a fab studio release, recording in the studio, an artist can loose a little of the power of a live show.  I really wanted to capture the energy of an LMB performance for our Believers.  That's one thing they all love, the experience they get when they come to our shows.  I knew recording a live show was the way to go.  Then, I thought about all of the amazing venues we play, and honestly, it was a little overwhelming! There are so many great places that have hosted The LMB.  But one place stuck out in my mind, The Bradfordville.   There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a venue to record at. To start, it's important to have a good sounding room, and the sound quality inside The BBC is always great. Then you have to think about the crowd: Will they be lively?  Will they make some noise and get excited? At The BBC, the people who make the trek up the dirt road to the old cinder block building come for one reason: to "git down"! They really listen to and live the blues. And to boot, the club is an historic land mark on the Mississippi Blues trail. It's chock full of good blues mojo because so many of the greats have played inside those walls.  That rich history is important to me, you can't play the music unless you know where it comes from!  By releasing a CD recorded inside the hallowed walls of The BBC, I feel like we've left our mark on the story of the music I love so much. I knew I wouldn't find a better place to record a live show and, due to the response I've received so far, I think our fans agree.

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