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    Big News!  Hello Believers!  I have to tell you that I am starting to get really excited for our "Please Come Home" Tour, and for good reason! Our first show of the run starts one week form today in Durham, North Carolina, and leads us to London, Ontario, and even back to my hometown of Canton, Ohio!   I know we're gonna have a great time. 

    We are also VERY excited to announce that we will have guest guitarist, Freddie Salem of The Outlaws, joining us for the entire tour!  Besides The Outlaws, Freddie has numerous credits to his name (too many to name here!) including playing with The Godz and The Gunslingers.  Not to mention, he's a fellow Ohio-an, like me!

    I know all of our Florida friends are going to miss us, but we'll be back.  In the meantime, be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for all of our travel stories and updates about the shows  - if you don't follow us on social media already, just click the buttons on the left!  It's time for the LMB to share the love up North!

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