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    • "A soul-stirring voice and an arresting presence"
    • "I miss Etta a little less when I hear Lauren sing"
    • "A mesmerizing performer with a voice for the ages..."
    • "Powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence"


    Sat Apr 21 @11:00AM - Party in the Park
    Sat Apr 21 @ 7:00PM - Cotee River Seafood Festival
    Tue Apr 24 @ 7:00PM - The Blue Rooster Unplugged
    Fri Apr 27 @ 8:00PM - The Hideaway
    Sat Apr 28 @ 8:00PM - The Blue Rooster
    LaurenMBand @amandapalmer did you know about this?
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    LaurenMBand Tell Congress to Pass the Comprehensive Music Modernization Act #music #actnow #artists #artistsontwitter https://t.co/tQJX3es7BJ
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    LaurenMBand @RayBeckerman Thanks Ray! Have you heard my latest, “Desire”? Here’s the title track https://t.co/dL2yAK7CIb
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    Latest News & Info

    Interview with Blues Blast Magazine

    Latest News

    Interview with Blues Blast Magazine

    October 25, 2017

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    The title of her latest recording, Desire, simply hints at the passions that drive Lauren Mitchell, a commanding singer from Florida’s Gulf coast. Nominated for two Blues Blast Music Awards this year – Soul Blues Album and the Sean Costello Rising Star Award – Mitchell is proud of her work on a disc that finally captures the full extent of her talents. She...


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